L.D. Giddens & Son
Finlay Enterprises
Founded : 1859
Activities : Antique jewelry collection, high jewelry collection, watches
Stockists : 1 location
Origin : 135 S. Center St. Goldsboro, NC

L. D. GIDDENS AND SON – Jewelers and Opticians. – This famous house has been a conspicuous feature of Goldsboro for over half a century. It is one of the oldest Jewelry Houses of the State; it was established in 1859 and founded by the late Mr. L. D. Giddens who is historically recorded as having made the first watch that was ever made in the State of North Carolina, and Mr. Giddens was actively associated with this house for fifty years until his death in 1909, when his Son, Mr. Ross I. Giddens, assumed active management of affairs.

Young Mr. Giddens has been associated with the store for the past fourteen years, is thoroughly versed in every detail of the business and is keeping up the old time reputation of this house for absolute reliability, high class wares and popularity. This beautiful store is replete with rich and rare statuary, cut glass and other objects of art, in addition to the regular stock of fashionable jewelry, high grade watches, clocks, diamonds and other precious stones.


The jewelry store of L. D. Giddens was founded in 1859. Its notable freestanding clock in front is believed to be the last of its kind in the state. Erected in 1877, the Clock was electrified in 1924 and refurbished by the City in 2002. L. D. Giddens, founder of the store, created the first watch
made in North Carolina in 1860. The structure survived two large fires; one on either side and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

This store affords gift-seekers such an infinite variety of suitable and acceptable articles that one would be most fastidious indeed who could not find just the correct thing. A specialty is also made of high class jewelry and jewelry repairing, as well as engraving and diamond setting.

L.D. Giddens iconic store location on 135 S. Center St. in Goldsboro, North Carolina is steps away from Heilig-Meyers original flagship location established 50 years later. Heilig-Meyers Furniture Company is also a Grand Metropolitan asset.

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