Lichtenstein’s Department Store


From 2005 – 2008, Grand Met CEO Vin Lee negotiated to acquire and relaunch the Garfinckel and Lichtenstein’s department store brands. With the new economy Lichtenstein’s would be rechristened with offerings found in Qatar Holdings’​ Harrods, Russia’s Gum, and Orcofi’s (Luxadvor) Hediards.

Lichtenstein’s has retained a role in the development of fashion and design. This connection to fashion royalty would inspire Lee to acquire French fashion house Orcofi recreating its portfolio of iconic brands including Andrelux, Lorenzo, Collaert, Bohata et Cie, and Acanta. He would also add banners like Morty Sills, John Phillips London, Mitsuhiro Matsuda and Wandalan.

Lichtenstein’s is the exclusive retail showcase for Grand Metropolitan luxury assets.